Intuitive Angel Reading

Receiving Guidance and Insights from the Universe 

Do you have a burning question?

Would you love some insights into an area of your life?

Do you feel misunderstood?

I am happy to assist you with this One Question Intuitive Angel Reading.

I will tap into the Angelic Realm and connect to the guidance for you. 

I will write it all out, put it nicely together and send you a pdf via Email. So you can read and reread your guidance any time you like.

Happy to sharing the love

Special Re-introduction offer till end of 2018 $65 instead of $77.

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Conversations With Me

Order A Signed Copy 

My book on how I reconnected with myself again, after realising I had completely lost myself during my marriage is available on Amazon.

I love how I heard that people could not put it down, and had to finish it in one go, keep reading till it is finished. I never though I wrote a page turner. My aim was to inspire and encourage. 

I share 30 heart felt stories, with Wisdom From Within after each chapter. Those stories can be read independently and re-read as needed, or for inspiration pick one just like oracle cards. 

I share from my heart, and this is not a  book about divorce, it is so much more a book about reconnecting within, coming back to yourself, no matter what you are going through at the moment.

If you love a signed copy, you can purchase one for 20USD plus postage ($2 within Switzerland, $14 within Europe, $16 for oversees (America and Australia) 

Order Your Signed Copy Shipping Oversees (America, Australia)

Order Your Signed Copy Shipping Within Europe

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Happy to sharing my stories with  you.

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