Year Round Healing

Get the best for each Season in 2018

I love the benefit of ongoing healing. I learnt that my clients profit the most, when they look after their energy system regularly and I enjoyed accompanying my clients on their healing journey for a longer time too.

We shower daily, we have our car cleaned regularly, and so often we forget to clear our energy system. We only think about it, when something gets blocked, or we feel tired, drained or sick.

To keep you at a heightened energy level, and for you to feel good year round, I created this Special Year Round Healing Offer:

Enjoy 4 Heart Flow Healing Sessions (1 for each Season/Quarter in 2018).

1 Healing Session at the beginning of each season enables you to refresh your energy system, release what no longer serves you and be open to embrace the new Season (next quarter) of 2018 with open arms.

You will feel good, refreshed, energised and able to let go of old baggage. Why suffer through the year, when you can be supported year round.

Plus you receive 4 guided meditations (one at the beginning of each season) assisting you in bringing out the best for each season.

You will be able to listen to the meditation whenever you feel like it, and realise that it brings a deeper healing each time, plus the inner peace you are longing for.

This special offer is available till End of January 2018.

Would you love to feel guided, cleansed, healed and deeply cared for all year round, then purchase your Year Round Healing with me now. No worries, I will remind you of your next session, and will send you the meditations at the beginning of each Season.

Only 744$

I am looking forward to making 2018 the best year yet, and am honoured to guide you through it step by step.

warm hugs



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