When we are in the flow of love, healing is possible.

We often go through life with a blocked heart, and that cuts us off from the flow of love, our true essence.

It is understandable that we close our heart after a painful experience, this is done for protection, however there comes a time when we are ready to heal from our past pain and let the hurt go, so we can open up our Heart again and be in the flow of love.

I assist you in opening the doors to your heart, in a gentle and deeply healing way. 

I am looking forward to meeting you.

You are a beautiful soul and so worth feeling the love.


I specialise in 

Healing from pain and hurt blocking the heart

  • past relationship pain
  • grief

and embracing Self Love

  • accepting yourself fully
  • learning to say No
  • setting up healthy boundaries
  • being more assertive

*Price in US Dollars –   Please read my Ethics Page


As an intuitive Empath I can sense within your body, and guide you towards healing and releasing past pain and hurt. 

I often make connections to experiences in our childhood, teenage years, that still influence us in our daily life.

Once we bring loving kindness to these areas we are free.

I also check whether there is a past life experience influencing you at this moment. We will clear and of course integrate the wisdom from your past into the present.

I will also check your back and support you to unfold your wings, they can often get stuck or forgotten.

When you are able to spread your wings, you will feel awesome and grand.

Do you feel

  • deeply hurt from a past relationship?
  • scared or intimidated seeing your ex?
  • or in general blocked?

I was mortified, every time I saw an E-Mail from my Ex, I felt afraid of reading it.

It took me some time to deeply heal and let go, and also to stand up for myself.

I am happy to assist you in healing blocks and open the doors to your heart, so you can be back in the flow.

Do you often feel

  • tired
  • exhausted
  • taken for granted
  • unworthy
  • unloved
  • lonely

I was there often and for a long time. I am a recovering Door Mat, I have found ways to embrace myself more and more and really feeling proud of myself.


I am happy to share this all with you.


I love to assist you in healing from past experiences and guide you to accepting yourself fully, setting up healthy boundaries learn to say No and be more assertive.


Would you love to feel

free, proud of yourself, grounded, loved, and excited

I help you release any blocks and
assist you in spreading your wings.

Work with me

*Price in US Dollars –   Please read my Ethics Page

Once I receive the notification of your purchase, I will send you a link to my calendar system, and you can book your time.

On your scheduled time we will meet via Skype (or Zoom)

Your Session consists of:

  • A chat, you telling me what your issues are, me asking you questions.
  • Then you can lie down comfortably and I will work on your energy system, I will talk to you and share with you what I experience.
  • You can ask questions or send me feedback throughout the healing part.
  • Then we will sit up and talk again, feedback on the session, and I will share with you, how you can keep feeling good.

I love spending my hour with you.

Caroline Palmy

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Warm hugs, Caroline

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