An Energy System Reading gives you an accurate overview into your Energy System for this current moment.

Our Energy System is important,  if it is running smoothly, we feel in the flow, energized and balanced.

If you feel a bit drained, hurt, tired, or out of sync, an energy system reading can help you get an insight and clarity where to look into, what could block the flow, and where a bit of clearing and healing could be useful.


An Energy System reading can get you clarity:

  • on your energy drain
  • on a chakra to focus on
  • on a heart exercise that would help you along right now

I will tap into your Energy System and write down, what is going on in each chakra,and channel insights, on how you could proceed, what could help you to feel better.

An energy system reading is not a healing session. The Energy System Reading helps you to asses where a healing session could focus on. 

*Price in US Dollars –   Please read my Ethics Page


I love to do Energy System Readings, tapping into your energy, and see what is going on at the moment.

With this clarity, you might already feel better.

Sometimes being aware of what is going on is already helping us to move forward. So happy to bring you clarity and insights.

I will write out your Energy System Reading, and send it to you via Email as a pdf within 3 to 4 working days of your purchase.

You can purchase your personalised Energy System Reading for $77.

Energy System Reading

*Price in US Dollars –   Please read my Ethics Page

 I am so happy to assist you on your healing journey

Caroline Palmy



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