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There are so many Lightworkers among us, and I love to share the beautiful work of my friends.

We are all doing an amazing job. Everyone I share on this page I know personally and love to work with.

Enjoy browsing through the list, and maybe one or another will inspire your soul, too.

Warm hugs to you all.

Caroline Palmy

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My Friends

Here are some webpages I would love to share.

I know these people personally, and I have had some of their treatments and services. I highly recommend them all. I included the links to their websites.

Browse through, get inspired, and maybe something will catch your eye:

Website and Business Services

Grow & Blossom your Website with Helena Heart

Beautiful Photos capturing your essence with Monica Maurer

Business and Life creating with Joanna Hennon

Angel Business Basics Mentoring with Sue Ellis-Saller

Creative Assistance with Catherine McManus

Small Business Coaching with Naomi Gilmour

Logo Design with Lizi Hill


Massage and Spa

Esalen Massages with Myriam Gerber

Shiatsu Massages by Sabina Kaiser

Cosmetic Treatments with Marlen Köhler

Shaba/Sugaring Treatments, plus Full Body Peelings

Your Personal Beauty Center

Super Juice Detox Retreats


Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation

Ayurveda Treatments with Edina Berger

Ayurveda Hotel in the Swiss Mountains (offering Panchakarma)



Homeopath, Naturopath, Coaching with Daniela Häring

Coaching During a Divorce with Soila

Business & Spiritual Coaching with Maggie Kay

Ganzheitliche Lebensberatung mit Herz! Doris Tuor, Volketswil

Medical Services

Osteopathie with Stefan Suter

Optomitrist Urs Keller (special for kids with learning difficulties)


Readings, Astrology, Healing, Authors

Intuitive Guidance and Healing with Karina Ladet

Poems and beautiful readings with Andrew Hobbs

Energetische Raumklärung mit Urte

Astrology and Birth Chart Analysis with Pam Gregory


Women’s Services

Feminine Empowerment Coach and Author, Lillian Ogbogoh


Magazines and Newsletters

A wonderful and inspiring magazine that supports you and your family, when you are going through a divorce, founded by Soila Sindyio



May you always hold kindness in your soul,
Compassion in your heart,
Gentleness in your actions,
Truth in your words,
And wisdom in your thoughts,
so that you may be effective
and be as a shining light wherever you tread.
May the effect of your touch be comforting
and healing to those who have a need.
May you hold goodness of all life in your being.
Then your journey through life will have been worthwhile

From space friend Osishoo thro Shirley Battie

A lovely inspiring blog with so much wisdom by Mary Baxter


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Warm hugs, Caroline

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