I love connecting with other beautiful souls, chatting about the things I am so passionate about: Healing, self-care, personal growth and love.

Enjoy these interviews and articles, where you can get to know me better and learn more about how I can help you.


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Interview Sovereign Magazine

Sharing about why following your intuition is important both in business and in life. 

Interview with Bernice Williams from  Inner Wisdom Project

We are talking about Divorce, emotional abuse, discovering who you are and finding a new sense of self.

Podcast Interview with Sashka Hanna-Rappl from Brand Sashka

We talk about passion for life & love, journey from a 20 year marriage separation to falling in love with yourself, raising children in a world of love, self love routines, loving in a gentle and deep way and inner healing.

Video Interview with Nicola Humber from Unbound

What does unbound mean for me and how I become more loving towards myself

Video Interview with Aesha Kennedy from Find the Gift of Not Fitting In

We talk about finding my way out of toxic relationships and into alignment with my journey of self-love and spiritual awakening that has led me to the work I do today.

Video Interview with Susan Ellis-Saller from Spiritual Business Basics

Talking about love and how self love and self care is a part of one’s daily routine

Second Video Interview with Susan Ellis-Saller from Spiritual Business Basics

Talking about ….

Video Interview Video Interview with Nicole Di Cristofaro from Divine Flow Healing

Talking about ….

Podcast interview with Brett Dupree of Joyous Expansion Podcast

Talking about Healing Heartbreak through Loving Yourself

Podcast Interview with Janet Groom

Sharing on how I was able to re-find myself after feeling lost

Second Podcast Interview with Janet Groom

We are talking about our writing experience, and how mine might be different from others

Podcast on Angels with Sheri Myers from the Glitch Movie

We are speaking about Angels, Healing and Love

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