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Connect to your Angels Webinar:

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Re-find Yourself Webinar: 

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Self-love Modules

Each of the modules comes in three parts, a video where I share with you how you can use the healing tools , an audio where I guide you through the healing tools, like a meditation and a pdf in which I list the healing tools, like a check list for you.


These guided Meditations are deeply healing and transformational. Allow yourself the time to dive into them, and remember healing comes in phases, so it is encouraged to listen to the meditation more than once, as with each time to relax a new layer can be released.


My webinars are two folds, in the first part I am sharing healing tools, and we go through them together, so you know how you can use them.
I also aim to inspire you by sharing from my heart. In the second part we are diving into a deeply healing meditation. 

My Books

Loving Conversations with Me

My second book

I share 31 personal stories, on how I learned to be more loving and accepting towards myself.

It covers my journey from me feeling deeply unloved, lonely and so needy of love, to accepting and loving myself and gaining a healthy self worth.  A book on love, self love, self care and self worth. 

Bonuses: You can get the Heal Your Heart Webinar for free plus a discount code to the Wisdom From The Heart Audios.

Wisdom from the Heart 
Book Audios

Audios to my book Loving Conversations with Me

Listen to the Wisdom from the heart healing exercises shared in my book Loving Conversations With Me. Go deeper, relax and come back to love – You are so worth it. 31 healing meditations; listen to my voice, and let yourself be guided back to love. You do not need to have the book to be able to listen to the audios though it is sure helpful to read my stories and go even deeper.  You can find my book plus a bonus here: Loving Conversations With Me

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