Palmy Healing is all about healing your heart
so you can be back in the flow of love.

In the flow of love, we are at peace with ourselves and the world around us.We feel great are happy and joyful. We stand in our own power.

Do you still feel the hurt from a past relationship?
Do you have a hard time in letting go?
Does it feel intimidating to seeing or hearing from your ex?

It is natural for us to close our heart, so we won’t feel the pain anymore.

I love to help you release past pain and hurt, so you can open the doors to your heart again.
Yeah for letting Love flow again.

I specialise in:

  • Healing from past Relationship Pain
  • Opening up to Self Love (learn to be more assertive
    and setting up healthy boundaries)

Do you have a hard time saying No?
Do you feel others take you for granted?
Do you often feel tired or exhausted?

I love to assist you in accepting yourself fully,
setting up some healthy boundaries and be more assertive.

Yeah for Self Love.

Warm hugs to you all,

Caroline Palmy

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